Sunday, November 6, 2011

Long Busy Oct. Early Nov.

Sorry that it's taken so long to update this blog. We have been busy getting things done on the boat and when we weren't doing that we were playing. No time for typing!

The Chesapeake is a interesting body of water. It's really shallow, 12ft is a good depth, muddy looking until you're about 40 miles north of Norfolk VA (had dolphin playing in our bow wave). There are all kinds of rivers and creeks that you can go up and anchor in. The creeks here are bigger and deeper than most rivers in Michigan.

So......Sinbad has a new hard dodger,(we love it) a new 10ft RIB (thanks Matt), a new SSB radio (not impressed with the performance) 2 new SPOT GPS Messengers (the first quit on us after using it 4 times) Kiss wind generator (love it), new main sheets, mizzen sheets and reefing lines. What Sinbad doesn't have anymore is a auto pilot (Garmin less then 2 years old quit).
Well, I need to sign off. We are heading offshore tomorrow and I need to make sure we are ship shape.
Happy Sails...........rr


  1. Hey, where are you guys? And am I related to Bill Karas?

  2. Hey guys. You make it it in yet? Andy and I made the Abacos on 11/11/11. Went from Morehead City to anchors down under genoa alone. We anchored under sail because the engine quit on day 2. Just an impeller as it turned out. Sadly, we're back in NY now after a few nice days there. Drop a line when you get in.