Saturday, November 5, 2011

Guest Blogger

November 4, 2011
Greetings from deep in the bowls of Sinbad! This is your guest blogger Swabby Larry Mitchell reporting on the progress of Randy & Diane on their long journey around the world. Since they both are so busy with the daily chores of running a live aboard boat and keeping up with the maintenance of said boat, I ask if I could sit in as your guest blogger to get every one up to date. Much to my surprise, they agreed. Go figure.
I joined on as crew in Norfolk, VA. Sunday, October 30th, so most of the info I can give occurs after that date. After sitting around Blue Water Marina & hob-knobbing with the big wigs for 3 days, we headed south along the ICW motoring as we went. Now for all you land lubbers, the ICW is the Intercostal Waterway (actually, I just learned this today, along with a thousand new words about sailing). We were kinda forced into this decision because of terrible weather out in the ocean that was gonna hang around for 3 days. By sailing south during these 3 days along the ICW, we will be that much closer to our final destination, the British Virgin Islands. The first 2 days were beautiful. Lots of sun, calm winds, nice scenery. We dropped anchor for the first 2 nights in sheltered bays along the ditch (another name for the ICW). No problems, life was good. When we awoke this morning, before we could stick our heads out of the hatch, the dreaded pitter-patter of the rain could be heard 
hitting the hull of the boat. No problem, we all had rain gear. Off we motored, down the ditch. Then the rain started blowing sideways & the wind blew up to 35 mph. with a sea that was mighty angry at every one in her path.  Then the silly Swabby (me) decided to go below to make more coffee. Big mistake! After picking up the pot and old coffee grounds up off the floor, mopping up, breaking a couple ribs and stowing things back in place, this Swabby went back topside!
After 8 hours of riding the wild seas, we docked up here, Sea Gate Marina. I have no idea where we are, but we will be staying here for a couple days for provisions & a couple minor repairs. It seems our alternator is acting up, our auto pilot stopped working, our Spot radio decided to quit, & our SSB (single side band) radio needs a little tweaking. That’ll all be on tomorrows to-do list. Randy & Diane always have a to-do list. Those of you with boats know this. Just imagine living on your boat 24 seven. Like a good friend of my always says, “its complicated”.
Well that brings us up to date. Of course I have not mentioned anything about putting the boat on a semi-truck & hauling it half way around the country, or spending big wads of money on things that every modern day boater needs these days. I will leave that subject alone. I think it’s safe to say if you figure out
how much money it will take to rig a new boat, triple it & add another thousand. That will get you in the ball park.
I do know one thing for sure. I’ve been on this boat for 6 days now & I haven’t seen a beach yet! Haven’t even wet a line! Haven’t seen any bikini’s neither! I thought I signed on to the Love Boat. But it’s looking more like Gilligan’s Island! But the captains are fair & good to me. They have promised me warm water to swim in and delicious rum when we get there. I’ve learned a lot that I shall never forget. And it’s only Friday!
Thanks for listening

Tied up at Blue Water Marina

Sailing along on the ICW

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