Monday, November 28, 2011

Catch up on the blog.

Between working on the boat (getting it ready for and recovering from the crossing), playing, having trouble with the Internet, playing, having trouble with new computer with windows 7 (junk...I'm buying a mac) and playing. Did I mentioned playing? ...Not a lot of posting going on. Tried twice in the last four days: first  time worked for a hour and then Pusser"s lost their power, second time I worked for a hour and windows had a hiccup and the work was lost. This is the third try.
Here are Larry (Swabby),Di, Brian (photographer/ delivery skipper ) and Andy (USAF fighter pilot), the Sea Gate Marina crew. Together we plotted the weather  for 3 days to decide the best time to leave. Andy keep saying you have to have wind in order to sail........well Andy, we had wind!

Brian and Andy heading for the Bahamas.

 Land Ho............BVI on the left and USVI on the right!

Coming into Jost Van Dyke.

Foxy's is on the right, Customs in the middle. I'm at Foxy's a week later doing this.

The salty crew is smiling because we are heading to Soper's Hole to wash the salt off . Our clothes, our bodies and the whole boat! Yup, the inside too!

Soper's Hole, Tortola

Norman Island

This small boat pulled up and dropped an inflatable slide so the kids could play while the old folks went snorkeling.

Our life right now is dropping the anchor, going snorkeling, eat, go snorkeling, play. Move to the next island , maybe go out to eat and dance (dance once) and just go swimming.
More to follow.........Happy Sail's................rr

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