Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Salute to all you cruisers!

I take my hat off and salute all of you cruisers who have gotten your boats ready and sold your house along with all the treasures that you had hidden in your basements. Many a time I’ve read about how hard it is to clean out your house and sell everything you own, while fixing up (pouring money into) your boat so you can go sailing. Every time I read about it I thought," Quit your whining, you’re going sailing! How bad can it be?" Well, I found out how bad it can be, but I’m not going to tell you about it because you will just think “Quit whining, you’re going sailing!” I will say that the boat and the house being 2 ½ hours apart make it rough. (had to whine a little)

We have been slow to post anything in the month of July. Our last post was July 12th , about bringing Sinbad up from Bay City to East Tawas. That trip actually took place on June 27th.  So the posting is definately going slowly. There is a lot of work going on, but…….there has been some play time in the mix. Diane and I just took off boat work for a day of sailing, Larry & Dee came sailing for a day, Judy & Don on another day, and we had the weekend wedding of Sean & Kelly.
So July has been lots of work and a good share of play. Here are some pics:
 This is Scott & Jeanie who own  Joie de Vivre (another Whitby 42). They drove all the way from Toledo Ohio to drop off their supports for transporting our masts on the Eire Canal. Thanks! Way too Cool! Joie de Vivre is currently in the Chesapeake and we will catch up to Scott & Jeanie at the Whitby rendezvous in October.
The Pirate Queen of Tawas Bay trying out Sinbad's new wheel.

...One of those days when I was cussing about boats, the plumbing in boats and everything about boats in general.  I didn't like boats or the people who built them. So I went to bed with our boat looking like this.... then put it all together in the morning.

Sailing with Judy & Don

Oh, did I mention that the house part of all this (sell the house & treasures... go sailing) is slowing me down?

Happy Sails.............rr


  1. Brain Coral, I am waiting to hear from you and RR (whom is now called "Triton" in Lou speak). Best of Bon Voyaging!


  2. Randy,
    I did not get to say good bye as we were in Marquette working on cabin. Happy trails my friend and safe regards. Say Bud, do you want Marsha and me to mow your lawn until your house sells? See it is in need of some care. Let me know.