Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Splash Day 2011

Sinbad on training wheels! That's what Barry Lancuski called this picture he shot. Barry was part of the "Motley Crew" that help launch Sinbad and take her up to East Tawas from Bay City,  Michigan in the last week of June. The Motley Crew are three friends that were born with fishing poles in their hands and who were truly surprised that they didn't break out with a rash when they stepped on board a sailboat. Pictured above is crew member Greg Coulter with me in Sinbad.
                                            The rest of the crew........Larry Mitchel and Barry.
When Sinbad splashed into the water I scrambled below to make sure no water was coming in. Thankfully there wasn't. When the boat was on the hard I repacked the rudder post, replaced the raw water hoses on the engine and drilled a couple of holes and mounted a new dyna plate below the water line for the SSB (some day we will buy one). All were spots for water to enter the boat if I screwed up.

The engine fired right up and again I hustled below to make sure nothing was leaking. No leaks.....cool! Not only had I replaced the raw water lines, I had replaced the transmission heat exchanger, all the engine coolant hoses and rebuilt the coolant heat exchanger. Life was good!

Time to head down the river toward Saginaw Bay.

Not a lot of wind that day- we sailed along at 4 to 6 mph. You can see that the crew had no trouble getting comfortable. I did hear a occasional " Where are the rod holders? We need a line in the water! "

Then came the rain. During the last hour or so we got a little wet. All in all it was a good day to be out on the water. Thanks to the Crew we made East Tawas State Dock safe and sound!
Happy Sails..........rr

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