Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jefferson Beach to the Erie Canal

It’s been a while since we last posted and a lot has happened. One of the surprising things is the lack of internet access. We are at the public library in Lockport NY posting this. We have been posting on Facebook right along. It’s easy; take a picture with your phone and put a message with it and post. Quick and easy but not as nice as  the blog.

Canada on the left and the Motor City on the right

Ambassador Bridge

                                               Heading into Lake wind.

The plan was to arrive in Put-In-Bay about 5pm and look around for a day or two. So much for plans, our motor quit on us just before 2pm!  (Not part of the plan!) So there we were, a U.S.  documented sailing vessel in Canadian waters with no wind and no motor, 84 degrees on the deck and a whole lot hotter in the engine room. I'll let Diane tell the rest of this story, and save you all from my salty language.
So on to leaving Put-in-Bay at 1am in a lightening storm with 40 plus mph winds. That's what you do when your 3/4'' dock line cuts through at the mooring ball in a surprise sudden storm. We kept sailing until 7pm when we pulled into the Geneva State Park Harbor. It's a nice place on the east end of Ohio. We would recomend this place, nice clean and freindly.
The next day we sailed past Pennsylvaina and on to Barcelona Harbor at Westfeild NY. A quiet little harbor that was very shallow. We dropped anchor half way into the harbor with a less then 2 ft under our keel. A nice place, but too small for Sinbad in a blow.
On to Buffalo the next day.

We spent a couple of days at the Erie Basin Marina. Nice veiw, freindly people but the young workers (the only workers) have had no training on boating. Made us miss East Tawas State Dock. On Monday we went about a mile south to RCR Yachts and they pulled and droped our masts onto Sinbads deck. Good place, very professional. Would recomend them to anyone. We stayed the night in their well and left for the Erie Canal Tuesday morning. 

We are tied up at Lockport NY after 3 locks & a lift bridge

We walk back to the 2 Erie Canal locks and took this pic

Happy Sails..........rr

We left Jefferson Beach in Lake St. Clair about 6:30 am, no wind but that was ok because we needed to motor the length of the Detriot River.

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