Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Raw Water Pump

In this picture the raw water pump is the hunk of brass with the dirty hoses connected to it. It's the pump that takes the water from outside the boat and pushes it through the three heat exchangers on the engine. I never checked this pump (with its replaceable impeller) when we bought Sinbad. I had a lot on my plate and what the heck, let sleeping dogs lie, there was a good flow of water coming out the back of the boat. The time came for me to check it out- not easy. The cover plate to the impeller is on the left with tiny screws and the oil line from the heat exchanger blocks the way for using a screw driver! The newer model pumps are turned   90 degrees so they face outward and are easy to get to. For just $600 bucks (that is 0.60 boat dollars) I could make life easier for me in the future.......not going to happen.

(Boy digital cameras are nice! They beat a mirror when it comes to seeing what you are doing!)
Here's the old impeller (black) inside the pump after I got those (pain in the butt) screws out.
 So I'm looking at the picture of the impeller thinking that I've seen worse.....maybe put the cover back on? Well the "lazy me" lost that argument and I pulled the impeller. Glad I did- I found that part of a blade was missing. I figured the missing part would be in the heat exchanger and I was right. Easy job, the heat exchanger is in the top left center of the first picture.

In this picture the new impeller is on the left and the old is on the right with the piece out of the heat exchanger in front of it. So I put it all back together and quit for the day!

Happy Sails...............rr

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