Monday, June 13, 2011

The Boat Fairy Came!

Here is the "Boat Fairy", dressed in the coverall which the guys at Solberg's boatyard in Manistee nicknamed my "prom dress".  Sailors in the boatyard do find it downright sexy, especially when it goes with doing a big messy job!

Sunday I completed painting Sinbad's bottom in preparation for the sailing in the salt waters of the ocean and the Caribbean.   To use the Petit "Trinidad" I originally wanted  would have required the remains of the old bottom coat to be stripped or soda-blasted off right down to the bare hull.  So I chose instead the West Marine PCA Gold ablative paint (which is creamy and really nice to work with).  I hand-sanded the entire bottom, then applied four coats of PCA Gold with extra coats around the waterline and on the cutwater. I did the last two coats in one day, since the weather was perfect and the season for swarms of fish flies and blizzards of cottonwood is just about to start.  We will touch up the areas covered by the jackstands when the boat is in the slings just before launching.  I hope it lasts a good long time.  Hopefully the next bottom job will be IN Trinidad!

Here's a picture of Sinbad, with her bottom looking like a sapphire!

all the best.......Di

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