Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Life in the Erie Canal Time Warp

Because of the damage to the dams and the locks caused by hurricane Irene, we are waking up everyday in the same town waiting for word from a trucking company on when they can haul Sinbad to the east coast.

This is a picture of Mike Czarnopyski.  Mike is new to sailing, he just bought Endeavour and we've shared more than one bottle of wine with him. I was asking him where I could rent a car so I could take Diane to Niagra Falls for her birthday, he thought for a minute and said "Just take mine". Cool! He dropped it off the night before and we took off Sunday morning.

The bridge behind Di goes to Goat Island, we walked across to check out the rest of the falls.

Check out the Black Hole or Time Warp at the bottom of the falls in front of the Maid of the Mist. I don't know, but I think that if you went in it you would end up on the Erie Canal.

We went to the bottom of the falls to check out the Cave of the Winds.

We had a real nice day at the falls. The only problem was the next morning we woke up on the Erie Canal.
Happy Sails...........rr


  1. You will be on your way soon. We seem to be in the "never leaving Michigan" time warp. Lol

  2. Keep your chin up, you two! Remember why you started this trip in the first place, " buy a boat & see the world ". Well, it just happens to be the Eire Canal right now my friends! Nobody else I know has ever been to the Eire Canal. I'm kinda jealous! Three months from now, you'll be reminiscing about this, sipping cheap rum, & wearing the least amount of clothing as possible while us domesticated northerners are freezing our butts off. Smile my friends, life is good!

  3. Our chin is up but our knees hurt from all the boat projects we've been doing. Sinbads chariot awaits for its ride to Galesville Maryland on Wednesday the 21st in Buffalo NY.
    Chris,this time of year its 2 or 3 days waiting for a weather break and 4 or 5 days of sailing, but yagata love the Great Lakes!
    Happy Sails.........Sinbad

  4. It's kind of funny that somedays the only way I can comment on my own blog is Anonymous.......Randy