Thursday, September 8, 2011

Giving Up on the Erie Canal

Well, it's been fun, interesting, frustrating and thankfully, almost over. The almost over part is Sinbad being a canal boat. I'm sure the fun, interesting and frustrating part is still in our future. The trucking company will let us know in the morning on which day we load our home up on a truck and head to the Hudson River. We think it will be Monday the 12th of Sept.
Canal boat Sinbad at Medina NY

We have been taking our time enjoying the small towns and friendly people. Not one bad experience, everybody has been really helpful. Three or four times people have offered to drive us to a store. One couple invited us to dinner at their home in Spencerville (unfortunately we never made it that far).

These pictures are of Medina, but they could have been of Brockport or Lockport. The people who live in these towns take a lot of pride in their towns and it shows.

This is Capt. David. We shared a dock for 3 or 4 days with him and his sailing partner Trisha. Good people. David has turned his Catalina 30 into a canal boat. It weighs about 12 thousand more pounds than it should so he sails on the open water very carefully.

Our friends Mike and Nancy Glover took these pictures of us leaving East Tawas Michigan.
 It seams like just yesterday............Happy Sails....rr


  1. Randy and Diane

    Is the flooding forcing you out of the Erie Canal? Has it been closed? We have been thinking about you guys a lot and wishing you well. Randy, thanks for the tank and the magazines. Very nice surprise.

    Dan and Laurie

  2. Dan & Laurie,
    The canal has been closed from damage from Irene. Most guess it won't open untill sometime next year. The Canal Authority is not saying anything. If I was you I would start reserching the Chicago route along with the canal.
    Hope you enjoy the goodies..... Randy & Diane

  3. After I posted my comment, I did a little more research and found some pictures. WOW! That is amazing. I actually was looking at the Chicago route on a map yesterday. It is hard to imagine that they won't repair the canal, but I don't know where the money will come from?

    I am glad you guys are safe and had another option.

    Dan and Laurie