Sunday, May 8, 2011

Frig / Freezer

Well, it was time to get rid of our perfectly good 110 volt frig / freezer on Sinbad and install a 12 volt frig / freezer. The 110 system just wasn't going to cut it for crossing oceans, the extension cord would be just to damn long!
So last Oct. Diane and I are at the Annapolis Boat Show and I'm talking to the owner of the company that makes the CoolBlue Refrigeration System (I talked with him the year before at the Chicago Boat Show and knew I want one) and Diane walks up. So I said "Honey let me have your credit card"........and  she gave it to me! Cool! ...So $2400. later we have a big box coming to my door. That "Honey let me have your credit card" probably wont work again but man-o-man I hope it does.
I removed everything associated with the 110 system from the boat, 2 holding plates, tubing, wiring, controls, pump and so forth. I was making Diane a little nervous. The reason she was getting jumpy is I was doing this at the same time I was riping things up for our new battery's, plus I just cut a 10" x 15" hole in the aft cabin floor(another story).
Back to the new frig / freezer. Sinbad's old chest type frig / freezer was so big that I could not touch the bottom  of the frig or the freezer with out leaving my feet. Not good. So I put 9" of foam insulation sheeting on the bottom of both boxes and some FRP on top of that. Cut a 2 1/2"  hole at the bottom for flow thru and a plate to control the flow (coated the hole with epoxy).

Next I mounted the holding plate and thermostat, mounted the compressor where the old one use to be. Connected the tubing and wired it all up.
 I flipped the breaker on and went home for the day. Came back the next day and life was good. the freezer was down to 12 deg. You can see it was only 53 deg inside the boat!
Now it might be time to do something about that hole in the aft cabin floor.......


  1. Diane and Randy, Wow! way cool...I mean really cold. You can actually make ice! We will be coming over to borrow a cup of ice for Margaritas in the Exhumas. Randy,...super nice work! wish I was so skilled. Patrick and Lisa.
    We got back last night. It was a great sail. Our boat cat Dobbie did well.

  2. Thanks! Help yourself to the ice. I thought that looked like a boat cat.

  3. Awesome! You really are skilled! Better fix that hole, though.

  4. Good luck on that credit card haha


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