Sunday, May 8, 2011


This was our battery bank on Sinbad. There is a lot here that is not right. Batteries don't like heat so having them in the engine room shortens there life. If you look at the picture you can see that one battery is touching the engine, that straps wont hold anything if there is a knock down, they are not fused and the far battery doesn't even go through the " 1..2...all"switch. I cleaned this up  for last summer's sailing but it was a temporary fix. This week the New Lasting Fix was completed.

Under our starboard settee was a couple of drawers that was nice but not a lot of storage space. So this old retired fat pipefitter tore things apart. The goal was a place for our batteries and more storage.

The easy part is riping things up!

Time to put in some batteries

6 new AGM batteries !! 588 amp hours life is good!

All done still looks like it did befor I started!


  1. Randy, Excellent work! Pretty good for an Old Fart Pipe Fitter. Batteries will be much happier in there than that hot old engine room.


  2. Thanks! The nice part is if we find we need more amp hrs we have plenty of room to expand with very little work......rr