Thursday, January 10, 2013

North Sound, Virgin Gorda 2013

North Sound, Virgin Gorda 2013
 After a couple of good nights' sleep we pulled up our anchor at Foxy's, Jost Van Dyke and headed to North Sound. It was time to fuel and water up at Leverick Bay and wait for a good weather window to cross the Anegada Passage to Saint Martin. Our little five hour run on the water was one of those where you just shake your head and say “This too is sailing”. The wind was blowing 20 knots from the east, the waves on the north side of the BVI’s where 12 to 15 ft. We were heading east. So being the old salts that we are, we fired up the Ford Lehman and headed for the cut at the airport on Beef Island to put land on our port side. Not a bad day. How bad can it be when you are in the beautiful Virgin Islands?

                                                                  North Sound                         

We dropped the hook in front of Saba Rock with the plan of spending the night and heading to the dock at Leverick Bay in the morning. Saba Rock is one of those places that we keep going back to. It’s got a great internet connection that we get  on the boat and when there is that urge to talk to someone other than someone your sharing the small living space with, we head into happy hour. Three dollar drinks, good chicken wings, watch them feed the tarpon and nice friendly people. Life is good!
                                                                        Saba Rock                       
One night became two nights, lots of wind (20 knots plus). It was looking like it was going to be blowing a stink for a while so we decided to head to the dock to get some maintenance done on Sinbad. That way if the wind ever laid down we would be ready for Saint Martin.

                                                                     Sinbad at the dock   
 Leverick Bay Marina we like. It’s the only marina that we've spent a night at in the last 12 months. We've stayed there four times, two or three nights at a time (this time five). Friendly staff, free water, nice showers, fresh-water pool, bag of ice, and all for one dollar a foot!

                                                             Cap'n Di became Painter Di !   

 Our days at the dock were made up of a little of this and that. There was the cleaning, ejector oil pump changing, cleaning, zinc pencil changing, cleaning, painting our two propane tanks, and did I mention cleaning? Having all the fresh water we could use is something we are not used to. We hit Sinbad hard inside and out. The cleanest it’s been since we left Tawas Bay in August of 2011! With all that we still managed to play a little, swimming, hiking and Happy ARRR !

                                       When Di say's we are going for a walk its always up hill!      

                               The fat guy taking a break, Saba Rock and Bitter End in the back ground.

 HAPPY ARRR at Leverick Bay is the Michel Bean pirate show. Great show!
                                      Beans holding a pic of Cap'n Di & Lou from yrs gone bye              
If you can’t make it to the BVI to see Beans check him out at the Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival or on Beaver Island in Lake Michigan. He’s there for a couple of weeks every summer (his old stomping grounds), usually around the first of August.    

So we've been here over a week and it looks like at lest another week will go by waiting for our weather window- it's not easy being stuck in paradise!  

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